LLoyd Law College

Teaching Methodology

Lloyd Law College has developed a unique teaching methodology which blends the classroom learning with the practical aspect. To break away from the conventional classroom teaching, students are motivated into self learning through presentations, research, case studies, role plays and other simulation exercises.

Law being such a vibrant and dynamic field, we stress the importance of discussing the latest events and judgments given by various courts, so that the students are able to comprehend law in an objective manner. Our teaching methodology/pedagogy includes:

Classroom Teaching

The College emphasizes on quality class room teaching for developing legal understanding for grooming the students of law with social responsibility reflected through the best academics, working in the best environment, with a regular system of updating on current social, economic, political issues of legal relevance in purely transparent and accountable set up. The college is home to a lot of state of the art facilities which help the overall personality development of the students. The classrooms at Lloyd are spacious and acoustically designed. Each classroom is air-conditioned and equipped with display boards and modern audio-visual aids, suitable for technology based learning. Every single student is a focus of bilateral process of understanding and growth in the galaxy of thoughts and reasons.

Moot Court and Mock Trials

Moot Court activities are a thrust area of the Lloyd Legal Education. The College strives to integrate the theory and practice of Law in the campus through regular moot court competitions. For this purpose, Mooter's Society of Lloyd Law College has been constituted consisting of faculty members and senior students who conduct regular mooting sessions within the college and prepare various teams for inter college and national moot court competitions.

Seminar and Conferences

This is an in-house and supportive program for the multi facetted and proper development of the intellect of the students, providing them an opportunity to interact, listen, question, inspire and discuss their academic problems with the visiting legal dignitaries, luminaries and members. The College endeavours to organize National seminar every year on various multi-disciplinary and Socio-legal issues.

Debates and Personality Development Classes

The college organizes debates & Personality Development Sessions on regular basis to groom and motivate the students in understanding their innate strengths and exhibit them on the platform provided by Lloyd Law College. The debate sessions include economic, social and political issues of legal relevance.