LLoyd Law College

Campus Regulation

The promotion of a student to the next semester will be governed by the University rules prescribed from time to time.

The college makes 75% attendance of lectures and classes compulsory for the students. Special permission is allowed in case of any medical emergency but that too limited to minimum of 66% attendance.

Conduct and Discipline
The Code of Conduct of the LLOYD LAW COLLEGE has been drafted to promote and strengthen the objects of the Lloyd Law College. In case of any ragging issue a Anti Ragging Committee would be constituted consisting of Principal and Six other faculty members. Any other disciplinary matter would be look after by Disciplinary Committee.

Disciplinary Committee
Mr. Akhilesh K. Khan- Chairman
Mr. Piyush Sharma – Member
Mr. Jitender Singh – Member
Mr. Pankaj Singh- Member
Mr. Venogopal Menon- Member